Preferred Medium: Watercolour

Cindy Rosser was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and moved extensively as a child. Her family traveled often between Indiana and California along old route 66, taking them past the Grand Canyon and deserts of the area. At age 14 a move to Vancouver brought her family to Canada to stay. Discovering Nova Scotia in 1974 with her present mate, Peter, she fell in love with the people and the area and has lived on the Bishop Mountain along the Bay of Fundy ever since that time. Raising three children on the land with no electricity or running water she grew very close to nature, respecting the interconnection of all of life.

Cindy painted as a child encouraged by her parents. She has been inspired by the abundance of artistic talent in Nova Scotia and has had the opportunity to take classes with some of the finest watercolour artists. A week long workshop at the Tatamagouche Center has given her exposure to great watercolour teachers. With her children grown, she is able to devote her time between painting, massage therapy and waitressing. Traveling south each winter for many years has exposed her to the diverse beauty of North America. From the canyons of her youth to the rocky cliffs along the Bay of Fundy, her goal at this time in her watercolour work is to capture the ethereal change of light from spring through winter and from the mountains to the sea.

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