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I have fond childhood memories of outdoor adventures and summer days spent on the water. I now make my home on the Bay of Fundy and my art reflects this love of the outdoors.

I began my art career in acrylics but for many years I traveled on business and needed a medium that was portable and easy to use in hotel rooms – which often stood in for my studio during those years. I switched to watercolours and love the translucency of the medium and the way I can play loose or focus on highly detailed compositions.

The natural world surrounding me in Nova Scotia, from the ocean tides to the eagles overhead, make creativity almost a no-brainer. I get out every day for at least one walk (although it’s usually more) and I always carry my iPhone or camera. I just never know what I’ll spot that will spark an idea for a painting or a blog post. I’m fascinated by close-up views of ordinary things — flowers, stones on the shoreline, shells.

I like spending time with what often gets overlooked because of our busy lives. I hope my paintings surprise you with the beauty around us and encourage you to with new eyes. And while I love realism, I also indulge my whimsical side so you’ll find fantasy sprinkled among the realism.

Today I proudly claim the labels of artist, published author and creativity coach. I share my personal creative journey and life in Nova Scotia on my blog at

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