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In 1995 I put a paint brush in my hand and experienced the thrill and excitement of colors that I could manipulate and play with ~ evoking memories of when I was a child with a new package of crayons and a blank piece of crispy white paper!  I first started painting in watercolors and have since journeyed to the exciting flamboyancy of oils, cold wax/oil, acrylics and mixed media.   I particularly enjoy the intuitive painting process and the journey that it takes me on.  Over the years I have been a student in several Art Workshops and Seminars, craving and absorbing the knowledge of others.  I enjoy participating, and have been successful in local Art Markets/Shows and Juried Art Shows.

I began hosting group and private Creative Art Sessions in 2014.  It fills my heart to share my creativity and knowledge with others and to be a part of their artistic journey.

Nature is such a wondrous playground and it is in the forest that I explore and find inspiration for my paintings.  I am particularly drawn to painting trees…. The textures and gnarliness of a tree is so intriguing and I believe that trees represent life in so many ways.  I love being out and about in nature and I am enchanted by its magical daily theatre….. Four seasons of magnificent changing tides, bright sunny spring and summer days and grey stormy winter skies; autumn offers brilliant colored leaves quivering in the breeze. It’s all there waiting for me to capture its essence on my canvas.

Home is by the Bay of Fundy in the woodlands of North Mountain, in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

Instagram: shelleyraczartstudio