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Preferred Mediums – Oil and Watercolour

C - Somerset Sitting - OilB - Rough Water - AcrylicA - Lahave Lane - Oil

I enjoy painting things that I see in everyday life and that grab me when I see them.  I like painting things that I have some feeling for, positive or negative.

Most of my work is in oils, acrylic or watercolour.  Soft-leaded pencils and various types of surfaces give me much pleasure.  I enjoy painting on masonite best.  Probably most people I have painted with or took instruction from have influenced me in some way.  My wish is for you to imagine your own interpretation of the story represented by the painting.

I have always been attracted to and interested in drawing and painting, however, I did not attempt to start until 1984.  I have attended many art classes and various workshops.

I have worked in a variety of mediums including acrylics, egg tempera, oils and watercolour.  My works have found their way to most Canadian provinces, the United States and Europe.

I show my work in various locations including Art Sales and Rental Gallery. Memberships include the Artists’ Circle; Visual Arts Nova Scotia; Alliance of Kings Artists; Cellar Dwellers; Paints and Pots; LaHave Life Drawing Group; Lunenburg Art Gallery; Acadia Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.